The Pyramid Texts of UNAS

by Wim van den Dungen

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East Gable
(204 - 205, 207, 209, 210 - 212)

"<" or ">" between numbers = sequence of the text
"<" from right to left (facing right) or ">" from left to right (facing left)


adapted from the pictures of L.F. Husson in :
Piankoff, A. : The Pyramid of Unas, Bollingen Series, 1968.

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the text reads from right to left


{...}  :  restored passage
<...> : conjectured translation of unknown word
(...)   : words added to bring out the sense and/or to clarify

The first number given, is the ordinal position of the utterance in the present English version of the 228 utterances of the Unas text, while the second is the traditional enumeration of the sayings by Sethe.

The King eats the food of the gods

(204) nourishment by Osiris

by the priest

The hoers rejoice, the heart of those who cleanse the breast became fully uplifted, when they swallowed the Eye of Horus, the healthy one which is in Heliopolis.

The little finger of King Unas, pulls out what is in the navel of Osiris.
King Unas will not thirst, he will not hunger : it will not be against the heart of King Unas. His arms drive away his hunger.

Become awash (with joy) !
Make the hearts full !

150 (205) the Great Bull cared for today

by the priest

To say the words :
O You who preside over the baked foods.
O You who belong to the flood.
Commend King Unas to Fetekte, the cupbearer of Re, whom Re has commended to himself, that Re may commend him to the one in charge of provisioning for this year, that they may seize barley and give him beer, that they may grasp emmer and give him bread.

For to King Unas, his father is the one who gave barley and beer, Re is the one who gave emmer and bread.

For he is the Great Bull who smote Kenzet.
For King Unas is he who has the five portions of bread, drink and cakes in the enclosure : a triad is for the sky with Re and a pair is for the Earth with the Two Enneads.
He belongs to the one who was set loose : he is the one who was let loose. He belongs to the one who is seen : he is the one who is seen.

O Re, it is better with him today than yesterday !
For King Unas has mated with moisture.
King Unas has kissed dryness.
King Unas has joined with fertility.
King Unas has copulated with the young girl of his care when grain and <fluids> were absent, and the young girl of the care of King Unas is the one who will give bread to King Unis and make it better for him today.

151 (207) King Unas calls to the Eye for a meal

by the King

To say the words :
A meal for me, O knife-sharpener !
A meal for me, O knife-sharpener !
A meal, You in Re's Eye !
A meal for me, You with access to (Re's) boat, You in the God's-Eye (boat) !
O cupbearer, bring water !
Light the fire (for) a joint among the roast meat !
-4 handfuls of water-

152 (209) King Unas is provided with bread

by the priest

To say the words :
Shu is fresh !
King Unas does not acquire his things.
King Unas is fresh !
Shu does not acquire his things.

The eastern fetchers shall repeat :
"It is your bread."

153 (210) King Unas is protected against inversion

by the King

To say the words :
Awake, O Parter !
Be high, O Thoth !
Awake, You sleepers !
Rise up, You dwellers in Kenzet, who are before the Great Heron that comes from the {garden}, Path-Parter who comes from the tamarisk.

My mouth is pure, the Two Enneads have censed me, and pure indeed is this tongue which is in my mouth.

What I, King Unas, detest is faeces.
I reject urine.
I detest my own abomination.
What I detest is these two : I will never eat the abomination of these two, just as Seth rejects the two <companions> that cross the sky.

Re and Thoth, take me with You, that I, King Unas, may eat of what You eat, that I may drink of what You drink, that I may live on what You live on, that I may sit on what You sit on, that I may be strong through that whereby You are strong, that I may sail in that in which You sail.

My pavilion is plaited with reeds, my drink-supply is in the Field of Offerings, my food-offerings are among You, gods ; my water is wine like that of Re, and I go round the sky like Re, I traverse the sky like Thoth.

154 (211) King Unas is the source of food

by the King

To say the words :
My detestation is hunger, and I, King Unas will never eat it !
My detestation is thirst, and I will never drink it !

It is indeed I who will give bread to those who exist, for my foster-mother is the milk-goddess, and she will make it possible for me to live it is indeed she who bore me.

I was conceived in the night.
I was born in the night.
I belong to the Followers of Re,
who are before the Morning Star.
I was conceived in Nun.
I was born in Nun.
I have come and I have brought to You the bread of those I found there !

155 (212) King Unas eats & drinks what Horus lives on

by the King

To say the words :
The Eye of Horus drips on the bush of the Denu-plant and Foremost of the Westerners came for it, having fetched provisions to Horus, foremost of the houses.
What he (Horus) lives on, I, King Unas live on !
What he eats of, I eat of !
What he drinks of, I drink of !
A joint of roast meat, that is my offering !

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