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by Wim van den Dungen

"Along with the Sumerians, the Egyptians deliver our earliest -though by no means primitive- evidence of human thought. It is thus appropriate to characterize Egyptian thought as the beginning of philosophy. As far back as the third millennium B.C., the Egyptians were concerned with questions that return in later European philosophy and that remain unanswered even today - questions about being and nonbeing, about the meaning of death, about the nature of the cosmos and man, about the essence of time, about the basis of human society and the legitimation of power." - Hornung, 1992, p.13, my italics.


added in 2004 :

The Instruction of Khety to Merikare
Amduat : the Book of the Hidden Chamber

added in 2005 :

Liber Nun : Precreation as Abyss & Pleroma
The Ten Keys : Ancient Egyptian roots of the Principia Hermetica
Amduat : Egyptian Pataphysics of Creation
Escaping Osiris : O Osiris the king, who goes forth by night !

added in 2006 :

The Book of the Heavenly Cow
The Pyramid Texts of Unas

added in 2007 :

° Commentary on the Pyramid Texts of Unas

added in 2008 :

Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Readings
 ° Amduat : Summary of the Amduat

added in 2009 :

The Adoration of Re

The Egypt Studio

Bringing Ancient Egyptian Ritual Tools to Life

an exercise in the practice of the magic of wood


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